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Parents, whose hardy sons have sought their fortune on the
Maidens, whose lovers toil abroad while they must wait and
The pastor linked to the great world by every tender tie
That binds the memory to the past — all these for tidings sigh.
They come — alas 'tis ever so ! some weep while others smile ;
Yet to the hand of Wolfe was brought a joy for all the isle.
The wealthy owner of the ship late stranded on this coast,
And which but for his timely aid had surely there been lost,
Such generous recompense has sent for succor promptly
As well may serve to rear a house to the great God of
This his first thought. With clamorous tongue he pleads
    no special right.
But in one purpose, with one voice, like brothers all unite.
"The Lord hath touched the stranger's heart. How won-
    drous are his ways !
Another temple to His name with joyful hands we'll raise."