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An old template from the article code[Kweltekst bewerke]

In between hide-tags I found this old template in the article. I'll paste it here in case it is of any use. Flinga (Diskuschuun) 01:13, 2. Apr. 2017 (CEST)

Geogr. Breedji 53/41/14/Nuurd
Geogr. Lengdi 09/40/09/Uast
Bundslön Schleeswig-Holstiin
Krais Nuurđfriislön
Amt Andreas-Nielsen-Str. 1
25980 Söl/Weesterlön
Hoogdi aur NN 5 - 52,5 m
Hoogst Stair: Uwedünem
Gurthair 99.14 km²
Iinuuners 21.190 (2008)
Postkeentaal 25980
Fiirsnakifuarwaal 04651
Autokeenteeken NF
Söl, Hörnem, Woningstair-Brēderep, Kaamp, List
@Flinga: In the beginning of the frr project we experimented a lot with templates from fywiki, dawiki, enwiki, dewiki, as we were newbies in wiki scripting alltogether. Meanwhile our 'shape' looks like dewiki mainly, and 'de' also is our first fallback language. --Murma174 (Diskuschuun) 10:40, 2. Apr. 2017 (CEST)
Murma174: good to know! :) The old templates themselves seems like a completely normal thing, every Wikipedia has developed in that way, and I've seen old and a bit primitive templates still in use. Flinga (Diskuschuun) 15:11, 2. Apr. 2017 (CEST)