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    Leaving the furrow, dew, and night,
        Boldly tho lark now soars away I
      Mounts to the fields of morning lights
        To seek in heaven the new-born day.
  So Faith, on pinions strong, o'er grief shall rise,
  And view, with tearless eye, a Heaven above the skies.

  Those fantasies which at last left Godber fainting
by the side of the open grave, proved the commence-
ment of a fever common in these islands ; a fever which
rages for two days with violence, and then leaves the
patient one day of repose to prepare him for a fresh
attack. Idalia now showed again the whole passion-
ateness of her nature. She threw herself on Godber's
couch ; she covered his cold lips with her burning
kisses ; she called heaven and earth to witness that she
could not live without him, and reproached herself
bitterly for her unsympathizing treatment of him.
Mander saw with astonishment the powerful influence
which love was now exercising over his daughter. It is
true that her inclination for her preserver had not been
concealed from him, but he thought that when time
should have weakened her gratitude, distance would