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make her forget the passing excitement. He had pit-
ied the young man for whom he could not fail to have a
regard, when he perceived how he was ensnared by the
charms of Idalia. But accustomed as he was to be
rather a sympathizing companion for his children,
through their path of life, thau a paternal guide, he
had hesitated to disturb his daughter who was so hap-
py in her present attachment, by a clear exposition of
the true state of things. Now he rejoiced at this re-
serve, for if Idalia's love was really so deep and sincere
as it at present appeared, he would not wish to oppose
her choice. He did not lack the means of making
Godber captain of some large vessel, and he might
hope, from the tried skill and integrity of the young
man, as well as from his good heart and firm character,
to find in him a worthy son-in-law, in whose hands Idal-
ia's happiness would be safe. With such sentiments he
did not need the imploring entreaties of his daughter
to induce him to seek the aid of a physician. Os-
wald, for this purpose, went over to Husum, and re-
turned the following day with the physician for whom
Idalia had waited with the most anxious impatience.
The doctor, unacquainted with the mental state of the
young man, saw in his case nothing but an ordinary
fever, and said that at present only good nursing and
a careful diet were necessary, and that medicine would
not be required for some days.
  Idalia was obliged to be satisfied with this announce-
ment, unpleasant as it was to her. She had watched
nearly the whole of the first night by Godber's bed, and
only with difficulty could be induced to seek rest for
herself when the sufferer, after the wildest fancies, in