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Detdiar sidj as efterluket wurden.


would not fail her, and that she would be able to over-
come all things. Her last words to Maria were the ex-
hortation, "Continue to trust God, and keep in the
right path, for with such it will be well at last !" and
she departed with the exclamation, "Lord Jesus, receive
my spirit !"
  So passed away one who had experienced much bit-
terness in her life, but who never lost her Christian
faith nor her inward peace. She passed from a world in
which few had known her, and in which she would
scarcely be missed by any but her daughter ; and yet
many a one whose life millions have admired, and whose
fame millions celebrate, might envy this widow, poor in
spirit and in worldly goods, and so soon to be forgotten
in her little circle, her place by the throne of God.
  To him whose calling leads him often to the bed of
the dying, and who has occasion to observe the simple
Christian spirit in the hour of departure from a life as
quiet and simple—to him any display of worldly grand-
eur is distasteful, even where it has true merit as its
foil, and if merit be wanting, it is hard for him to pre-
vent his sympathy from passing into contempt.