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    O proud philosophy I thy shinhig stream
        Has brought me no refreshing ; all is vain.
      Give back for one short hour young faith's bright dream,
        Give back my heart; my child-heart back again !

  Many persons in whose house there is no chamber
for retirement, and most of those who do not lack their
closet, would find it very agreeable if they had the op-
portunity to withdraw themselves, for a longer or shorter
time, completely out of the circle of their ordinary sur-
roundings and activity, and be thrown entirely upon
themselves, in a life of tranquil leisure. Many a tone
which is drowned in the tumult of every-day action will
then be heard ; much that lay concealed in the depths
of the heart will come to light, many a plant which has
till now wanted the proper soil, the proper air, will put
forth its blossoms, and at the same time, the worm will
become visible in many a fruit which has hitherto
seemed very fair. We are spiritually more or less en-
slaved by our earthly calling, and by the circle in which
we live. In the chains and bands which are thrown
around us by our position in the world, we easily lose
the strength and capacity for free observation beyond