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      Light and life are of God's giving ;
          Peace, the offering of his love ;
      And the heavenly host appearing,
      Tread no ladder of thy rearing ;
          They have lowered it from above.

  Mander might perhaps have observed the lovers
more attentively, and have seen that his duty as a
father required him to dissolve a connection which,
from the entire want of unison in their hopes and
wishes for the future, could not fail to end in misery,
had he not been at this time especially occupied with
himself. He no longer hoped to raise the ladder to
heaven, neither was his mind yet prepared to admit
that God, in his mercy and love, had long since low-
ered it down to us.
  "How can you suppose," said he, in one of his con-
versations with the pastor on the subject of revelation,
"that God, who rules more worlds than the age of our
earth counts seconds, the ocean drops, or the desert
sand-grains — that this God should do so great things
for this puny race of men, whose mightiest intellects —
not to speak of its poor potentates — are like motes that
play in the sunbeams ?"