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"That the sun which is to illuminate the various ways
of divine revelation, is the manifestation of the saving
grace of God in Christ. If this has arisen on the heart
in its full splendor, its beams will be shed over all the
darkness, and every thing will become light. Light
only proceeds from light. Our modest understanding
may well teach us not to expect to learn the truth from
that source. Our sinfulness, indeed, may waken in us a
longing for the grace of God, but what truth is, we first
learn from the truth, and redemption we first learn to
understand from the Redeemer himself. But you strive
for both as if you had already examined their nature
and experienced their power. But that this is not the
case is proved by your difficulty with certain obscure
points, for shadows lead us away from the fight, and are
no guides to it, as you must regard them, since you re-
main so long with them."