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    Of a blissful home of quiet,
      Far above this wrong and riot,
          The stars shed witnessing light ;
      But the poet's fire revealeth
      The bright promise it unsealeth,
          And aids in the mortal fight.

  A professional duty obliged Hold to make an ex-
cursion to the nearest island which was almost a Ger-
man mile distant. Oswald went with him, partly to
take some measures for the more rapid transportation
of the rescued cargo to Husum, and partly, to give a
little variety to the life of the hallig, which had become
tedious to him. One fine moonlight evening, a favor-
able wind bore the boat, with a swan-like motion, toward
her destination, and Oswald, who had seen this same
sea in the most fearful agitation, and whose life had
been in peril there, expressed, again and again, his won-
der at the contrast.
  "To-day so still, floating the vessel onward with
wavelets scarce perceptible, and when last seen by me
it was itself one huge wave, on which the ship swung
up and down like a feather which the child blows into