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his hands will lead our souls also into his kingdom.
Rejoice ! for in this hour of anguish he hath cleansed
us from our sins. He hath left us to our weakness that
the last fragment of our self-reliance might disappear
before the words, 'Be still, and know that I am God !'
Thus hath he judged us here below ; and in his visita-
tion, our sins have gone over our heads, as the water is
now going over them ; so that we have thrown far from
us the robe of our own righteousness, and clothed our
souls in the wedding-garment of Christ's righteousness,
which alone avails before God. — Hallelujah to the God
of strength, the Father of love ! Through his power
we overcome the world ; and his peace fills the panting
heart with peace and joy. And those who weep for us
— O Lord, our God, our prayer ascends from the deep,
and through the clouds to thee, and thou hearest us
who pour out our hearts before thee ! We entreat,
and we doubt not ; thou art the father and the helper
of the widow and the orphan ; under the shadow of
thy wings they rest. Thou upholdest them, when they
think themselves ready to fall. Thou pointest out a
way where they see no path. Father, comfort them,
strengthen them, lead them for the sake of our prayer,
as thou hast promised, 'Ask and ye shall receive.' We
pray not for ourselves. We have only to render thanks
that thou hast permitted us to hear thy word with
true understanding and full faith. 'We are troubled
on every side, but not distressed. We are perplexed,
but not in despair. We are persecuted, but not for-
saken. We are cast down, but not destroyed.' For
thou hast set a bright light in our hearts ; and our
faith has become sight, even here below. May that