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Detdiar sidj as efterluket wurden.

light continue to shine through the darkness, that we
may praise and glorify thee in death, and may our
souls ascend from the deep, with wings like eagles'.
Hallelujah ! Honor and glory to our God who hath
given us the victory over death. Hallelujah ! To the
Lord be glory and thanks through all eternity. Amen."
  These animated words of the pastor produced the
strongest impression upon the men of the hallig.
They had just heard his sighs and lamentations, had
seen him share the weakness and distress of his com-
panions, and now he was suddenly raised to such lofty
faith, to such triumph over death that they received his
address, although it was entirely within their compre-
hension, as a voice from on high, as the language of a
spirit which had triumphed over the world, which had
driven out the demon of fear and despair, and taken its
place in the breast of their shepherd who was so lately
overwhelmed like themselves. That almost every sen-
tence was borrowed from Scripture, gave this consolatory
exhortation, for those who, from their childhood, had
revered the Bible as the Word of God, the perfect
stamp of truth ; and therefore, it produced the more
decided effect upon their minds. But this consolation
was lost upon Oswald. While the others gave praise,
and thanksgiving, as though the hour of death were an
occasion for rejoicing, this testimony of the triumph of
faith seemed like a mockery of his own heart. He
sometimes tried to repeat a word of faith and hope
after his companions ; but he was not sure that he
really uttered it ; at any rate, it returned to him empty,
and found in his heart, agonized by the fear of death,
not even a momentary abiding-place. He hoped by