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    This life is but a mirror
        Reflecting thine own heart ;
      The echoes thou art hearing,
        From thine own lips did start.

  The sending of the boat, and the cause of so unusual
a circumstance, were soon known on the hallig, and the
whole congregation assembled on the shore to await its
return. They saw from a distance that no one was miss-
ing, and the extreme anxiety of the pastor's wife was
now readily forgiven, in consideration of her affection
for her husband. But when it was told in what a dan-
gerous situation the four men had been found, which
was abundantly confirmed by their complete exhaustion,
then every eye was turned to her whose strong present-
iment all regarded as the means used by a merciful
God to save them. She only clasped her husband in
silence, gazing, with a smile of grateful, happy love,
now at him, now at the heaven above her. And thither,
too, she pointed, when the wife of one of the sailors
openly ascribed to her the rescue. It was not till after
their arrival at their own dwellings, that the sufferers
became fully aware of the physical effects of the dangers