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and of tho closest observation on his part, he was able
to ascertain that they were upon the overflowed surface
of the hallig. The remains of an old wharf or any
other object hidden under tho water might now upset
the boat and cause them all to perish. With the most
searching glance Godber sought to discover a line of
deeper rolling waves, which would indicate a narrow
creek, that, as he well knew, ran far into the land in
this direction. God strengthened his vision, and guided
his rudder. He found an entrance where none could
have been discovered by a less experienced eye. Then
he called upon young Mander to take the tiller. But
stupefied by fear and deprived of all power of action,
ho remained motionless. The father was more ready,
and, though half unconscious, he placed himself at the
helm ; but without the help of the sailors, who with
their oars assisted in steering the boat, he would have
done little toward carrying out the rapid orders of God-
ber, who stood in the bow holding a long pole. As no
one on board knew any thing of the inlet into which
they had now entered, but every one supposed they
were still in deep water, they understood nothing of
Godber's peremptory orders, now to the right now to
the left ; but the elder Mander submitted like a slave
who had neither thought nor will of his own, and the
sailors like those who are accustomed to surrender their
own judgment to the duty of unqualified obedience.
In this way they proceeded another hour and a half,
sometimes before the wind, and sometimes with the
wind a-beam, without making any considerable ad-
vance, for the frequent turns retarded the boat, and
the strength of the oarsmen was nearly exhausted.