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Detdiar sidj as efterluket wurden.



Another short turn and they heard only the roaring of
the wind, but felt it no longer, and the waves, whose
dashing still sounded near, played more gently round
the boat. Here their little anchor might hold, and it
was immediately thrown over and the oars taken in.
  Astonished at this marvelous change in their circum-
stances, Mander and the sailors gazed out into the
night while the brother and sister gradually recovered
from the stupor of their terror ; but every thing about
them was so vailed by the darkness of the night, that
they could scarcely perceive one another, much less any
thing beyond the boat, and all turned inquiringly to
Godber. He alone who had guided them so wonder-
fully, could explain. "We are safe," said he, and
sprang toward Idalia, loosened the rope which had re-
mained round her waist, fastened one end about his
own body, tied the other to a boat-ring, set his pole
in the water, and with a powerful bound leaped into
the waves. A cry of horror escaped from all. They
stood some minutes anxiously awaiting how this to
them aimless adventure would end. Already they had
given him up for lost, and with him every hope of
escaping from the terrors of that night. Suddenly a
loud halloo echoed as if from the clouds above them.
The sailors answered mechanically the well-known call,
though they could not understand how the voice could
seem so near and yet so high. In vain they strained
their eyes ; quick as they were to discern every thing
at sea, they could distinguish nothing here but impene-
trable night. A few moments more of most anxious
expectation ! See ! all at once a cheerful light shines
through the window of a quiet dwelling which appears