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begged he would not refuse the refreshing beverage.
The lips of the delighted young man seemed held as if
by enchantment to the place which hers had so lately
touched, and only Idalia's question, why he had not
thought to bring her box of clothing from the ship,
roused him from his reverie.
  "Ah," exclaimed he, "I should wish never to see
you in any other dress than this of my own island."
  He blushed at the confession contained in these
words. Idalia's cheeks, too, became of a deeper color,
and it was only after a pause that she replied in a low
tone, as she bent gracefully toward him :
  "I will wear no other as long as this gives you pleas-
ure. But I suppose all of you who live on this island
must be connected either by blood or marriage, for I
have heard no mode of address except the familiar
thou. If then you would wish to consider me as a
hallig maiden why do you address me alone with the
cold you ?"
  A thrill of surprise and delight closed Godber's lips.
His eye rested inquiringly upon her for a moment, but
an expression of deep feeling was too evident in that
friendly smile and that gentle tone : he could no longer
doubt the fulfillment of his boldest hopes. While the
long silken lashes fell over her eyes as if to punish them
for telling too much, and her lips contracted as if for
fear of saying more till she knew how what she had al-
ready said would be received, he sunk gradually at her
feet. Though startled at the passionate action of the
young man, yet with a sudden self-recollection, she
took his hand for a moment, and then turning away
from him left him to recover his self-possession. But