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    In want they pine,
      With wealth untold;
    Hearts warm with wine,
      And yet so cold !
    Refined are they —
      Yet what alloy !
    Pleasure and play,
      And yet no joy !
    Glitter and show —
      No beam from heaven;
    Can greater woe
      By death be given?

  The pastor Hold now joined the group assembled on
the shore. Having been but a few years on the island,
he had never seen Godber, but he had learned to know
him through Maria, and therefore gave him a friendly
  The house which had first received the strangers not
being large enough to accommodate them comfortably,
the pastor and other persons of the congregation offered
their own dwellings ; but as there was the same want
of space in all, a separation of the party seemed to be
necessary. Godber, however, proposed to furnish the
house formerly owned by his father, but now unoccu-