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pied, with the most necessary articles ; and as the vacant
sheep-fold would be the best place for storing such por-
tions of the cargo as might be saved from the wreck,
and those present readily offered their aid in completing
the arrangement, Idalia gave her voice for the accept-
ance of this proposal. She expressed her delight by
clapping her hands at the prospect of governing there,
as house-wife regent, and her fancy really painted a
most attractive idyllic picture of this domestic rule.
But her father thought it proper to ask for an older
and more experienced Martha to be her assistant. The
three strangers, with Godber and an old matron of the
hallig, now went into the vacant house, and the others
separated to return each to his own dwelling, there to
select the furniture most necessary to their guests.
Through the day, Idalia was fully employed in arrang-
ing every thing in the most comfortable and tasteful
manner that her materials permitted. Ten times at
least must the position of a chair be changed ; then a
table must be moved to the other side ; and it required
all the patience of a woman trained on the hallig to ex-
ecute orders which must have seemed to her so entirely
without motive.
  Godber smiled within himself to see this industry ;
and to carry out the direction of Idalia, he worked as
zealously as if he had been preparing the captain's
cabin for the reception of distinguished visitors. Man-
der himself was pleased to observe in his daughter an
interest in these occupations which he had never before
seen. Oswald only remarked jokingly, that it was lucky
for them that their dinner had been promised from the
parsonage ; and compared his sister with cousin Fritz,