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and defects which have been observed. The general plan
and import of my book remain indeed the same, but I
have at least aimed to connect the didactic more closely
with the narrative element, and here and there to give
more finish to the execution.
  I have by no means realized my conception of a story
of this class, but I hope my failure will be ascribed to the
want of either earnest effort, or of a due sense of what
is demanded for the perfection of such a work, but to the
difficulty of the task, and my inability satisfactorily to
perform it.
  I had not access to a sufficiently wide range of books
to supply my chapters with borrowed mottoes. I have
therefore composed such myself, and if the reader thereby
suffers loss, I at least am a gainer in this, that my volume
is altogether my own.
  I have received assurances from various quarters, that
my tales have given more than mere entertainment to
some. May then this new edition of "The Hallig" at-
tain its end, which is to make smooth the way of the

The Author.

February 16, 1840.