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  "'Now I can buy the quilt ;' she looked half tri-
umphantly toward the cabin of her grandmother, who
had just driven her off. But she saw the old woman
at the window, and forgetting all her resentment, held
the dollar toward her in her uplifted hand. And this
rejoicing — for whom was it ? for a mother who always
scolded her. 'Here, child,' I called after her, 'have
you never known your father ?'
  "The girl looked timidly around as if afraid that
some one was near, then she came close to me and
whispered softly, 'My father's rich and respectable,
but I dare not call him father ;' then added more
softly still and hurriedly, as if she feared her own
words, 'It was he who threw me the dollar.'
  "Then thought I, ' They are condemned already.'"