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   The Spirit, striving, giving light,
    The heart's deep mysteries may unroll —
    The Father shows his awful mighty
    And deep amazement fills thy soul ;
    But dost thou seek a friend to be
    Touched by thine own infirmity,
    To whom thy griefs shall not seem small,
    He having known and tasted all ?—
    Then Christ the Son thy God must be.

  At ebb tide in the afternoon, they commenced their
efforts to save the cargo. Mander and Oswald employed
themselves in this work ; but Godber remained at the
house, as Idalia had declared positively that she must
have his assistance if the party were to pass a comfort-
able night.
  Pastor Hold had gone to the dwelling of Maria to
offer her his congratulations on the return of her lover.
How different did he find every thing there from what
he had anticipated. Maria swimming in tears, her
mother anxiously busy about her ; sometimes coaxingly
consoling her, and sometimes earnestly remonstrating
with her for her foolish and strange behavior.
  "Thank God !" she cried, as she saw Hold, "thank
God, pastor, that you've come ! I don't know what