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wishes, and acts are centered, so that his recollections of
the past are weakened, and his dreams of the future
less vivid."
  "I suppose your situation here is less agreeable to
you than to your husband ?"
  "I have," replied she, "only spoken of one side of
woman's heart ; the other will speak more for my con-
tentment. Our humble sex seems designed for man.
We attach ourselves to him ; him we follow ; the wife
will leave father and mother and cleave to her husband
Why then not sacrifice to him her former tastes, her
favorite habits, as well ? Indeed this is most easy by
the side of a beloved husband. The past and the
future pale before the rosy glow of the present, even if
this does not extend beyond the four walls of the house,
or if it only beams from the eyes of the husband. It
still finds an entrance into the open heart, and exerts its
transfiguring power upon every thing around. Domestic
happiness subdues even a 'hallig' with all its priva-
tions and self-denial."
  "But," said Oswald, "it is inconceivable to me how
the pastor himself can be contented here, since during
the years of his professional study he must have been
familiar with a life of activity and excitement."
  "Not only has he spent a portion of his student life
in Germany, and further improved himself by traveling
through the most interesting parts of our Fatherland
and of Switzerland, but also in his childhood and early
youth, he lived in the full enjoyment of every thing
that town habits and town luxuries can furnish."
  "Perhaps he has learned to forget his present priva-
tions by occupying himself in learned research," said