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Detdiar sidj as efterluket wurden.



When from the sky the red sun passed,
And night with sudden chill came fast,
O'er him the warm caftan she spread,
A folded mat sustained his head,
And blessed sleep soon chased away
The image of that fearful day.

Now bright the ruddy camp-fires burn !
Around, the watchers, each in turn.
Tell their wild tales of love or war.
Or hidden treasures,* such as are
Only to Christian magi known,
And at whose potent call alone
The gorgeous jewels will gush forth,
In shining streams, from the dark earth ;
Then on the sparkling flood shall roll,
Nor mountain bar nor sea control,
Till it hath reached the Christian shore,

  * Traditions of immense treasure hidden in the depths of the earth, or
inclosed in the solid rock, and which can be discovered only by Christian
sages, are very current in Africa.