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On Frankistan its wealth to pour —
Whose voice upon the night doth break ?
"Ho, watchman ! sleep je now or wake ?"
They know their faithful leader's cry,
And with assuring shouts reply,
Retrim the wasting fires, and then
Take up the half-told tale again.
But hark ! from out the circling gloom,
A note that shakes like trump of doom !
Watchers and sleepers at the sound
Start to their feet with headlong bound ;
The ready muskets blazing ring
On every side ; the watch-fires fling
Their mounting wings of crimson light
Far out upon the sullen night ;
The camel with deep shuddering moans
The presence of his monarch owns,
While human shouts ascending high
Declare that nobler man is nigh,
And warn the royal beast to fly.