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Detdiar sidj as efterluket wurden.



But Odin, whose eye doth not slumber for aye,
In midnight's short silence looked down on their meeting ;
He called them before him, when shone the full day,
And spake to them thus, with right fatherly greeting :

"My children, with zeal my behest ye fulfil,
And service so faithful its recompense claimeth,
Nor fear that with me it doth argue aught ill,
That Love's sacred spark your young bosom inflameth.

"Henceforth will I grant you, a true wedded pair,
Forever to dwell in a union unending,
Together all duty, all pleasure to share,
Still closer and closer your souls ever blending."

The lovers were silent — then lowly they knelt —
"Allfather forgive — hear the prayer that we offer !
Such bliss in the kiss of betrothal we felt,
We would not exchange it for all thou dost proffer.