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"Oh, grant us forever affianced to live,
And yearly, when Earth in her summer robe dresses,
For largess more ample, this simple boon give,
Our hands let us join, let our lips meet in kisses !"

Then Allfather smiled on the suppliant pair,
And blessed the sweet bond of their hearts' happy choosing —
Could any who heard them breathe forth that meek prayer,
A joy such as theirs think it blame to fear losing ?

Ever since, when their season of tryst cometh round,
Kind Nature pours forth her best treasures to grace it,
Her brightest of beauty, her sweetest of sound,
And ne'er suffers frost or chill mist to deface it.

Know, then, when thou seest still at midsummer's tide
A flush in the West, when the red dawn is breaking,
'Tis the glow of the youth, 'tis the blush of his bride,
New troth-vows the lovers immortal are making !*

  * The Legend of the Midsummer Twilight is given in Kohl II., 278.
It is of Esthonian origin, and the names of the youth and maiden are Koit