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  Wearily up the cottage mound
  Old Wolfe, with feeble footsteps, wound,
  And now within the door doth stand,
  And now receives the welcoming hand.
  "Neighbor, my errand thou canst guess !
  Have patience with my childishness,
  And, prithee, let me hear once more
  What thou hast read me o'er and o'er
  Of my poor boy. I cannot choose
  But marvel that he sends no news
  From his own hand. The boy could write
  Fair as the pastor ; and when night
  Her curtains dark doth downward roll,
  Strange doubts arise within my soul,

and Aemmarik. These names are, like Equotuticum — quod versu dicere
non est — not well suited to English verse, and therefore the author has
substituted for them Delling (Icelandic Dellingr, formed from dagr, day,
the appellation of the Scandinavian god of day, and Quelling, a corre-
sponding derivative from qveld (kveld, qvölld), evening. Those un-
acquainted with the Northern languages may suppose it a violation of cos-
tume to employ Sol as the name of the sun in a story with a Scandi-
navian machinery ; but the sun is called Sol in Icelandic as well as in