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Detdiar sidj as efterluket wurden.



Doth sleep — the princess Moonkir bore
From Frankistan's remotest shore,
And gave a rest so long, so calm,
On the blest shore of El-Islam,
Beneath the aloe, by the side
Of him for whom she meekly died.
And very meek the smile that lay
Upon her lips, as it would say,
'Less worthy I the crown of light
Than these who fought a better fight.'
"Sister," she said — and her tones fell
So softly that I cannot tell
If it were sound — "Oh, learn of me,
'Tis well to keep thy verity !
A holier cause than earthly love
Alone a maiden's heart should move
To leave her father and her faith.
Yet know, 'tis higher, greater far.
To live and conquer in such war
Than cowardly to call on Death.