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Detdiar sidj as efterluket wurden.



Soon in the sunset's glowing light
The Swedish mountains rise to sight,
Defying time and tide they stand,
A giant beacon nature-planned.
They landed then at Sotaskär —
A name to faithful hearts most dear —
There for the last time Hjalmar parted
With Ingeborg, there broken-hearted
Died the fair maid, when Odin's call
Summoned her hero to his hall.
Around that cliff her soul doth hover
Sorrowing e'en yet for her lost lover.
Leucadia of the North ! thy fame
Once great in saga, now forgot !
But Hjalmar's death-song keeps thy name,
And poet-hearts forsake thee not !

From town to town the flames blaze high,
The children shriek, the women fly,
For Russian warfare well they know ;