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Detdiar sidj as efterluket wurden.



And all the neighboring country through,
Both night and day the church-bells swing —
But naught thy dead to life can bring,
Thou land bereaved ! Thy champions bold,
Thy towers of strength, the giave doth hold !
But Sweden's danger now calls forth
Old men and boys to save their North,
With swords that served Gustavus, when
Blood on Germania's soil was spilt,
And halberds that had crossed the Belt,
Now blunt, but used to victory then ;
And many a blunderbuss appears
Whose rusty matchlock proves its years.
'Twas all that Sweden still possessed —
A little troop, and, for the rest,
Ill armed, but without doubt or fear
Against the invader they draw near.
But 'twas no fight of man to man !
Round him a cloud the foeman threw,
And from the cliff courage in vain