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Detdiar sidj as efterluket wurden.



And that at midnight when they watch by some dear pass-
    ing soul,
The listening ear may faintly catch a low and muffled toll.
'Tis said, too, when the sea is calm, that ofttimes may be
Not only the lost house of God, but buried homes of men ;
That still upright beneath the flood as fair to view they stand
As when they rose upon the isle, fresh from the builder's
But to my tale. In that first church, upon Wolfe's infant
With simple rite, the man of God Christ's covenant waters
There with his parents, when a boy, from week to week he
To pray for pardon of his sins through him whom God hath

  * It is reported of many of the sunken hamlets, that at times their
church-bells are heard to ring beneath the water, and that in still weather,
theh- houses can be discerned in the deep. The bells of a sunken village
in North Friesland are said to chime on Easter morning.