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Linking and scope[Kweltekst bewerke]

Hi! I apologize for writing in English, but I was thinking that nevertheless I might be of some use here. The article is locked, so I can't edit. The links Öömrang, Fering and possibly others should perhaps be corrected so that they point directly to the articles about the dialects/varieties.

And would it perhaps make sense to even merge this article with the main article in Öömrang for the time being? To let that, or some other version of the main article (that would be made soon) be the default article for now?

Regards, Flinga (Diskuschuun) 16:35, 30. Mar. 2017 (CEST)Beantworten[Swaare]

Hi, @Flinga:, thanks for pointing us to the defective links, which I corrected now.
As there is no standard variant of North Frisian, the page Nordfriisk seemed to me the best solution to explain the word Nordfriisk. It is an artificial word and used only in "official" statements, but not in any North Frisian variant.
The article about Nordfriisk in Öömrang is Nuurdfresk, and it is the default article at the moment, as you can see in Wikidata item 28224.
It's a good idea to integrate all the different expressions for Nordfriisk into the article Nuurdfresk (in all the variants...). Will be doing that.
Thanks again! --Murma174 (Diskuschuun) 18:43, 30. Mar. 2017 (CEST)Beantworten[Swaare]
Murma174: Oh, okay, that's great! Yes, now some hours later and when reading your reply, I was thinking that the main confusing thing with this article might mostly have been in the interwiki-links.. (edit: with at least some articles about the language itself, in other languages, seemed to link directly to this disambiguation page, more or less..) which now seems to have been changed, too. Thank you for the reply, see you again here, hopefully.. :) Flinga (Diskuschuun) 23:06, 30. Mar. 2017 (CEST)Beantworten[Swaare]