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Diskussion:Momme Andresen

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"Hi schal laawe"[Kweltekst bewerke]

I have added Momme Andresen to English Wikipedia - see en:Momme Andresen. Can anyone help translate "Hi schal laawe" into English, or even into Hochdeutsch? I might be able to understand half of what he wrote, but I could be very wrong. Narky Blert (Diskuschuun) 01:30, 23. Aug. 2017 (CEST) (en:User:Narky Blert)[Swaare]

@Narky Blert: O.K. I'll give it a try --Murma174 (Diskuschuun) 03:23, 23. Aug. 2017 (CEST)[Swaare]
Frasch English
Hi schal laawe He(It) shall live
Ik sii, jam sate tu ferteelen, I see, you're sitting an narrating,
jam snååke ouer dit än dåt; you're talking about this and that;
uk san'r maning uurde feelen also many words were spoken
fort ålgemiin - nuch breecht'r wat. in general - but there's something missing.
Iinj sünhäid as'r nuch tu dränken, For health there is enough to drink,
rädj iinjsen huums? Jam kån'n åål! guess whose? You know him(it) well!
Jam hääwe't iinjmool duch mån slünken, You have swallowed it only once (at least)
en latjen naame'm duch nuch hål! One little more you might like!
We duue as üüs üülje dänj We do as the old ones did
än wårde't sü am beesten drååwe. and will meet(figuratively) it best this way
Nam jarnge kopken önj e hönj: Take your nipperkin in your hand:
"Di frasche spräke, di schal laawe!" "The Frisisan language, it shall live!"
I think this might sound better:

Long May It Live
I see you sitting and telling stories / Talking about this and that / Also many words were spoken / in the main: but there's something not quite right / For his (its) health there's enough to drink / Guess whose? You know him (it) well! / You've downed one but only once / Yet a little more you might like / We (should) do it as those before us did / And will do it best this way / Take your tumbler in your hand: / "The Frisian language, long may it live!"Vedac13 (Diskuschuun) 05:01, 23. Aug. 2017 (CEST)[Swaare]

@Vedac13: Föl soonk! --Murma174 (Diskuschuun) 05:05, 23. Aug. 2017 (CEST)[Swaare]